Scotch guard for Carpet and Upholstery in Toronto and GTA Services

Scotch guard for Carpet and Upholstery in Toronto

By applying our scotch guard for carpet and upholstery stain protector help to safe them from stains and soil. We are using Teflon guard product that is safe for health. Your broadloom, area rugs and furniture have an ability to resist against the stains and soil. Our scotch guard for carpet and upholstery also reduced the effects of UV raises from direct sun light. After applying our protective guard your furniture, area rugs and wall to wall broadloom will remain long time cleaner and protect it against the stains. Stains can be remove easily. Your carpet and upholstery looks new again.

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Without Stain Guard

1 year Performance Warranty on our Exclusive Broadloom and Upholstery Guard

Our advanced technology carpet and upholstery guard provides more repellent than any other carpet and furniture protector. It repels most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before becoming a permanent stain. DuPont recommends the application of the Teflon Advanced after each cleaning on all carpet and upholstery.

Wool carpets can benefits from our special formulated stain guard for woolen fiber. Our special protector application you have the full assurance your carpet and upholstery is protected with the premium quality guard. Put your trust on Maple Carpet Care, where you will get the best deal and the best products and services.


Our Exclusive Stain Protector

Scotch Guard for Carpet and Upholstery Toronto

Maple Carpet Care using the most advanced carpet and upholstery guard that helps to protect your carpet, area rugs and upholstery properly and also help to extend the life of the fabric.
It provides the protection by forming a molecular shield around each and every fiber. Our special protector helps to lowers the surface energy of the broadloom and upholstery fibers causing them to repel liquid, spills and dust. This unique carpet and upholstery guard provides the outstanding and amazing results on your upholstered fabric and minimize the risk of permanent stains on your carpet and area rugs.

We strongly recommend this treatment to every household to protect there floor and couches by applying our scotch guard for carpet and upholstery. For further information on our carpet and upholstery guard products. Please feel free to contact us.

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